Phantom Canyon’s beers are made from the finest malted barley and hops from the around the globe, carefully selected ale and lager yeasts and pure Colorado water.

Our brewers are dedicated to maintaining the high quality of our year-round beers as well as seasonal and one-off creations. The brewers hope you’ll enjoy drinking them as much as they enjoy making them.

You will find anywhere from 10 to 13 brews available. Ask your server for all the styles available today.


Our brewery sits in a 2013 addition to the original 1901 building and the first floor houses the brewhouse and fermentation as well as the mill-room. There is a beautiful patio on the roof of the brewery with two fire pits and great views (it will soon have a lovely louvered roof). In the basement there is a barrel aging room and laboratory.

We brew on the original DME 10 barrel steam-fired system, though we run 15 barrel batches through it, there are three original fermenters in use and the original 25 barrel fermenter has been repurposed as a hot-liquor tank. When the addition was built we added two 30 barrel and three 15 barrel fermenters made by the nice folks at Marks Design and Metal Works in Vancouver, WA.



Over the 20 years of our operation we have had a number of brewers; Colorado Springs native Alan Stiles has been our head brewer since 2009 and has been brewing beer professionally since 1996. He IMG_0764began home brewing while studying History at Colorado State…a long time ago. He prefers to ride his bike to work. He’s been playing in bands since he was 16 including The Autono, Lazy Spacemen, The Presley Underground, Sandusky Youth and the Rat Bastards. He has three rescued dogs: A Weimaraner named Oscar, a German Shorthair Pointer mix named Milka and Iris, an English Pointer.
Previous breweries: Cheyenne Mountain Brewing, Palmer Lake Brewing and Shamrock Brewery.

Mike “the honey badger” Hall is our lead brewer, he’s been brewing professionally for 15 years. Most recently he was the Corporate Brewer at Upstream Brewing in Omaha. He was written about in All About Beer magazine a few years back as one of the Brewers of Tomorrow. His Dortmunder Lager at Upstream was picked as one ofIMG_0765 Draft Magazine’s “Top 25 Beers of the Year” a couple years back. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Colorado.
Previous breweries: Lone Wolfe, Bristol, Flathead Lake, Oskar Blues, Upstream and a week he’d like to forget at Uintah.

Troy Johnson is our newest brewer. He’s a bit of a spaz. When he’s not brewing you’ll likely find him rollerblading around Prospect lake in jorts while listening to slow jams. He dreams of a day when he can restore his Knight Rider Trans-Am. He IMG_0564spent seven years honing his chops at Bristol Brewing.



We also offer our beer to-go!

» 1/2-gallon growlers.
» 5-gallon kegs.
» 1/2-barrel kegs.
» 22oz bomber bottles of select beers.
» 750ml caged and corked bottles of select beers.