1942 Burton Ale

1942 burton ale 1942 Burton AleRevival Series #16

Originally brewed by Barclay Perkins Brewery, Southwarke, London as the tide was beginning to turn for allied forces in World War Two.

Burton Ale is a practically extinct style named after the city that produced it. For centuries, Burton upon Trent has been associated with the brewing industry due to the quality of the local water. Burton Ale is a pale and well-hopped style of beer was developed in Burton in parallel with the development of India Pale Ale elsewhere.

The fame of Burton ales gave rise to the English euphemism “gone for a Burton”, meaning to have been killed—a World War II humorous suggestion that a missing comrade had merely went out for a beer.

Tasting Notes:

Hop resin, spice and deep toasty malt. Toasted biscuits covered in caramel. A bit of raisins and grain husk. Very dry with a mouth filling hop flavor and the hop resins continue through the finish.