Zebulon's Peated Porter

Our porter has a deep color, complimented by silky dark tan head.

Rich, full bodied and robust. Smooth, with chocolate and roasted flavors balanced by subtle smoky character of peat-smoked malt. Served on cask*.

5.9% ABV.

0067 1 Zebulons Peated Porter

Beer Geek Info:
IBU’s- 34
Hops- Galena

61% Rahr 2-row,
16% English Crystal,
7% Belgian Chocolate,
5% Belgian Special Aromatic,
4% English Amber,
3% English Brown,
2% English Peated,
2% Belgian Caramunich,
2% German Dehusk Carafa.

Water – No treatment.

Original Gravity-1.057
Original Plato-14.0
ABV- 5.9%
Color- 36° SRM
Calories per pint-251
Yeast: From McEwan’s Brewery, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Cask ale is traditionally brewed and left to mature in the serving vessel. This type of ale may seem “flat” but the process that makes cask ale unique develops subtle flavors and aromas that processed beers can never provide. Because we don’t use pressurized gas to push these ales from tank to tap, it must be hand-pumped through the beer engine and aerated to produce a good head and release flavors. Served at traditional cellar temperature, cool but not chilled.