Get To Know Your Brewers

Dedication would be an understatement when acknowledging the passion our brewers share with one another. They and their ideas are as bold as the very brews they craft. Through their fearless experimentation, we proudly introduce unique, interesting beers—unlike anything you’ll find at any other brewery in colorado springs.

Ryan Emily


Former resident cat juggler at a kitty mill, Ryan was imported from a not-for-profit brewery in Kansas where he was the assistant to the assistant of the head bucket operator. When the cat breeding/juggling industry fell on hard times (and PETA nearly chased him out of the state) he saw the error of his ways and took a vow of poverty leading him naturally to a career in brewing. He’s moved up in the world and is now allowed to switch the mill on (due to his previous cat mill experience) but only when supervised. Fun fact: While in high school voices in his head told him to “tune in, turn on and drop out”. He did, and in an unfortunate turn of events he became a Jonas Brothers roadie.

Tap List

We invite you now to step up to the bar where you’ll find 14 to 19 brews on tap along with all kinds of adventurous seasonal rotators. That’s what makes us the best brewery Colorado Springs has to offer.

Our Beers

A tap selection as expansive as the canyon itself.

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